Krafton Sues Garena Free Fire: An Overview of the Lawsuit


In the latest development in the gaming industry, Krafton, the developer of popular game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), has filed a lawsuit against Garena Free Fire, another popular battle royale game. The lawsuit was filed in the District Court of California, alleging copyright infringement and seeking damages worth millions of dollars. The lawsuit has gained significant attention in the gaming community, with many.. wondering how it will impact the industry.

Krafton’s Allegations Against Garena Free Fire

Krafton’s lawsuit alleges that Garena Free Fire has copied several features from PUBG, including the game’s user interface, gameplay mechanics, and overall visual appearance. The lawsuit claims that Garena Free Fire has deliberately copied these features to deceive and mislead players into believing that they are playing PUBG or a similar game.

Krafton’s lawsuit further alleges that Garena Free Fire’s success is based on its copying of PUBG’s intellectual property. The lawsuit claims that Garena Free Fire has made billions of dollars in revenue by exploiting PUBG’s success and popularity. Krafton is seeking damages worth millions of dollars, as well as an injunction to stop Garena Free Fire from continuing to infringe on its intellectual property.

Garena Free Fire’s Defense

Garena Free Fire has responded to Krafton’s lawsuit, denying all allegations of copyright infringement. The company has stated that it has not copied any of PUBG’s intellectual property, and that any similarities between the two games are purely coincidental. Garena Free Fire has also.. stated that it has its own unique features and gameplay mechanics that distinguish it from PUBG.

Garena Free Fire has also argued that battle royale games have certain common elements, such as the shrinking play area and the need to scavenge for weapons and supplies, which are not unique to PUBG. The company has stated that these common elements are not subject to copyright protection, and that Krafton’s lawsuit is an attempt to monopolize the battle royale genre.

Impact of the Lawsuit on the Gaming Industry

The outcome of Krafton’s lawsuit against Garena Free Fire could have significant implications for the gaming industry. If Krafton is successful in its lawsuit, it could set a precedent for future.. lawsuits involving copyright infringement in the gaming industry. Game developers may become more cautious in creating games that resemble existing popular games, for fear of being sued for copyright infringement.

On the other hand, if Garena Free Fire is successful in defending itself against Krafton’s lawsuit, it could reinforce the idea that certain common elements of games are not subject to copyright protection. This could lead to greater competition in the battle royale genre, as game developers are free to create games with similar features and gameplay mechanics.


Krafton’s lawsuit against Garena Free Fire highlights the complex legal issues surrounding copyright infringement in the gaming industry. The lawsuit is likely to be closely watched by game developers and gamers alike, as it could have far-reaching implications for the industry. Ultimately, the outcome of the lawsuit will depend on whether Krafton can prove that Garena Free Fire has copied its intellectual property, or whether Garena Free Fire can successfully argue that it has not. Regardless of the outcome, the lawsuit is a reminder that the gaming industry is not immune to legal disputes & that game developers must be vigilant in protecting their intellectual property.

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